Become a Mustard.ng Ambassador

An open invitation to become 1 of 5 ambassadors needed in the fastest growing fintech solution.

What is mustard.ng?

Mustard.ng is a fintech platform where you can invest your money in tangible assets. With mustard.ng you can buy shares or own a total asset.

Who are we looking for?

We are inviting a few elites who possess some fundamental skillset

  • ✅ Access to quality audience.
  • ✅ Have strategic planning skills.
  • ✅ Knows basic marketing.
  • ✅ hold high authority within a niche, or among an audience.

The brand target

We set monthly targets for each Ambassadors, this target shows your efficiency and it is a key pass to your contract renewal, we hold the right to terminate your contract as an ambassador when your target isn't reached.

More information about the brand target would be discussed in the training guide we'll send to your email when you apply.


Your responsibilities as an ambassador for mustard.ng are listed below and not limited to:

  • ✅ A Brand Ambassador works as the public face of the brand.
  • ✅ Understanding the company’s vision, mission, goals, products and services to represent the brand’s voice and personality at various events.
  • ✅ Creating awareness for mustard.ng investment assets.
  • ✅ Interacting with customers to listen to their feedback and developing new ways to market products.
  • ✅ Working with the company’s marketing department to learn and implement the company’s marketing strategy at events.
  • ✅ Posting videos and reviews about the company’s product or service and inviting friends to events via social networking sites.
  • ✅ Sharing ideas with supervisors about new ways to promote the brand.
  • ✅ Tracking media campaigns, metrics and customer preferences.
  • ✅ Monitoring feedback from customers and escalating complaints to the company’s marketing department.
  • ✅ Measuring the conversion rates and other metrics for ongoing campaigns and making adjustments as necessary .
    Skills Needed:

  • ☑️ Have love and enthusiasm for mustard.ng
  • ☑️ Exhibits brand knowledge.
  • ☑️ Communicates authenticity.
  • ☑️ Knows basic marketing.
  • ☑️ Have strategic planning skills.
  • ☑️ Possess a strong online presence.
  • ☑️ Hold authority in your niche.
  • ☑️ Have in-person conversational skills.
  • ☑️ Talent for relationship-building.
  • ☑️ Convey confidence.
  • ☑️ Open to feedback, and Comfort with giving feedback.
  • ☑️ Time Management.
  • ☑️ Have a high level of professionalism.
  • ☑️ Persuasiveness.
  • ☑️ Show commitment.

What's in for you?


Monthly salary

Every ambassador gets a starting salary of 50k naira.


Mystery Box

Exciting mystery box offer.


4G wifi

Stay connected to the internet always, this is a tool to help boost your productivity

Getting started

Ready to apply? kindly follow the application process below.


Before you become an Ambassador for Mustard.ng, we will need to vet you to ensure that you are eligible to become an ambassador for the brand.

The vetting process includes; A 3-day trial, this 3 days trial help us vet and test your qualification for the brand, we assign a basic task that qualifies you for the ambassadorial deal

“If you fail to pass the trial process, we cannot go on to retain you as a Mustard ambassador”. In other words, you will not receive any of the ambassadorial benefits that Mustard offer. Our humble reason is simply this; We have a lot to offer our ambassadors, and we decided only to accept people that pass through this vetting stage as our ambassadors.

More information about the trial would be discussed in the training guide we'll send to your email when you apply.

Step 1:

Click on the "Apply Now" button below, you should be redirected to an application form, kindly fill the form and submit

Step 2:

You should get a mail in less than a minute acknowledging your interest in becoming a brand ambassador, attached to it is a Training guide that get you up and running with mustard.ng, All information about the ambassadorial deal would be discussed in there.

Step 3:

In the document, there's a button to contact HR. when you are ready to start your trial, kindly contact HR, He's going to walk you through and also onboard you.

if you have questions, please kindly contact HR.

Kind regards.

Nosa Nick

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Questions & Answers

Mustard.ng is a fintech platform where you can save and invest your money in tangible assets, with the help of a dedicated accountability manager the whole process is easy-peasy.

You have full control. You can choose to save small or huge amounts (you have a billion you want to lock away - we got you) for a small period of time or you can play the long game.

Mustard.ng knows that for you to reach your financial goals, you need a partner, a reminder and not some robot to tell you what to do.

Mustard.ng provides you with an Accountability Manager that helps you reach your financial goals by making the best decisions based on your Income and plans.

Mustard.ng accepts all debit cards issued by Nigerian banks. You can use a MasterCard, Visa or Verve card with Mustard.ng

At Mustard.ng, you can start your saving plans with as low as ₦100 (One hundred Naira). There is no limit to how high you can save. Do you have a billion Naira you want to save? Please go ahead.

There is a minimum duration of 3 days and no maximum time limit. You can keep your savings and investment with us for as long as you wish.

All dreams count, so you can create as many plans as you wish. Housing Plan, Car Plan, Wedding Plan, Education Plan, and Child Plan. You can also make that Vacation Plan for that get away you desire and lots more.

Don't forget emergency plans for you know, accidents that happens during one-night stand. You have the flexibility to give each plan a unique name that resonates with your financial goals.

You can do that by adding your debit card or transfer money to your Mustard.ng wallet from any Nigerian bank with a bank app by sending the amount you wish to save or invest.

We have multiple security and safety layers embedded in the Mustard.ng experience, our payment gateway are PCI-DSS compliant, and the funds are locked in a safe bank vault.