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Smart Investments + Referral Bonus = a better life.

Invest on the go.

Invest securely and confidently on the go.

Up to 25% returns, in 12 months duration.


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We’ve got ton of features to give you the best

Dedicated accountability manager

After registration, get someone assigned to your account, an actual person who looks after you and your savings, to make sure you acheive your saving goal in no time.

Save automatically

Choose between automatic daily, weekly or monthly savings. Once you choose, our system does the rest for you. You’re in control, and can always change your settings anytime.

Manual Topups

Don’t fancy automatic savings? No problem, you can manually top up your savings at anytime, anywhere.

High yield returns

Enjoy up to 25% returns on properly vetted investment plans.

Easy investment

With minimum investments starting as low as N5,000, investment is no longer out of reach. Everyone is welcome.

Invest confidently

All listed investments are properly due diligenced and highly secured opportunities.

Our Story...

Mustard means something small with the potential to grow into something large or vast. Here at Mustard.ng, every mustard matters and your mustard can give you a tree tomorrow.

Mustard.ng is on a path to help everyone, even those with a little mustard seed to grow into a large tree through savings and investment.

Mustard.ng intends on making you financially safer. We know the pain that comes with seeing money leave and not being able to explain it.

We care about your spending habits. We intend on making you financially free and we intend to be the best. It’s all love from Mustard.ng ❤️


Questions & Answers

Mustard.ng is a fintech platform where you can save and invest your money in tangible assets, with the help of a dedicated accountability manager the whole process is easy-peasy.

You have full control. You can choose to save small or huge amounts (you have a billion you want to lock away - we got you) for a small period of time or you can play the long game.

Mustard.ng knows that for you to reach your financial goals, you need a partner, a reminder and not some robot to tell you what to do.

Mustard.ng provides you with an Accountability Manager that helps you reach your financial goals by making the best decisions based on your Income and plans.

Mustard.ng accepts all debit cards issued by Nigerian banks. You can use a MasterCard, Visa or Verve card with Mustard.ng

At Mustard.ng, you can start your saving plans with as low as ₦100 (One hundred Naira). There is no limit to how high you can save. Do you have a billion Naira you want to save? Please go ahead.

There is a minimum duration of 3 days and no maximum time limit. You can keep your savings and investment with us for as long as you wish.

All dreams count, so you can create as many plans as you wish. Housing Plan, Car Plan, Wedding Plan, Education Plan, and Child Plan. You can also make that Vacation Plan for that get away you desire and lots more.

Don't forget emergency plans for you know, accidents that happens during one-night stand. You have the flexibility to give each plan a unique name that resonates with your financial goals.

You can do that by adding your debit card or transfer money to your Mustard.ng wallet from any Nigerian bank with a bank app by sending the amount you wish to save or invest.

We have multiple security and safety layers embedded in the Mustard.ng experience, our payment gateway are PCI-DSS compliant, and the funds are locked in a safe bank vault.

Ready, Set...Go!

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